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  • The principle of LED PDT treatment

    The principle of LED PDT treatment

    LED PDT uses 7 colors of light for treatment, and the treatment range covers almost all skin problems. It can be treated without breaking the skin and without contact with the skin, which greatly improves the customer's acceptance and treatment experience. LED PDT uses different Wavelengths of Light to Treat Different Skin Concerns

  • Is Laser Hair Removal Reliable?

    Is Laser Hair Removal Reliable?

    Too much sweat hair sometimes affects the appearance of an individual, most body hair on the body is not very useful, so we can remove them. At present, the mainstream hair removal method in the market is laser hair removal, some people do not know much about laser hair removal, so they often worry about the safety and comfort of laser hair removal. Then we will introduce the principle and effect of laser hair removal and safety.

  • Are you anxious about being fat?

    Are you anxious about being fat?

    One of the main reasons for the formation of obesity is that the intake is greater than the amount of metabolism. When our daily calorie intake exceeds the calories needed by the human body for a long time, the excess calories will be stored in the form of fat, resulting in obesity.

  • Reasons why we choose EMS

    Reasons why we choose EMS

    EMS is non-invasive high-energy aggregation of electromagnetic wave, 30-minute EMS treatment, equivalent to 20,000 sit-ups or squats. EMS is turned out to be a safe and effective method of losing weight after a large number of practical applications.

  • New product ------- Four band laser hair removal device

    New product ------- Four band laser hair removal device

    Four-band diode laser hair removal adds 940nm on the basis of the original, which can better cope with the treatment of different skin tones, and the specific functional effects of the four bands will be introduced below

  • Anti-aging products

    Anti-aging products

    Today we will introduce the anti-aging series products, which include RF microneedling MACHINE, , IPL SHR ELIGHT 3 IN 1 MACHINE, HIFU SKIN TIGHTENING MACHINE, LED PDT SKIN THERAPY MACHINE, these products can repair, firm, anti-wrinkle, help skin maintain youthful state and delay facial aging.

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