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What is the best laser machine for spider veins?

In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards and changes in living habits, skin problems have gradually become one of the focuses of people’s attention. Among them, spider veins trouble many people. In order to solve this problem, the 980NM laser spider vein removal machine recently launched has become an innovative product that has attracted much attention on the market.

The 980nm semiconductor fiber laser uses a 980nm wavelength semiconductor laser to transmit laser energy through fiber coupling technology. The laser penetration depth reaches the blood vessel. Based on the principle of selective photothermal, the oxyhemoglobin in the red blood cells in the blood vessel serves as the main target color group and absorbs the laser. After the energy is generated, the heat energy is generated and spreads to the surrounding vascular endothelial cells through conduction, causing damage to the blood vessel wall and crushing the hemoglobin in the blood vessels, converting it into small molecular clusters and being absorbed by the tissue. Based on the skin barrier theory, the skin automatically Repair and regeneration function, after the crushed hemoglobin and capillaries are absorbed by the skin tissue, the space occupied by them is covered by the newly grown skin tissue, thereby achieving the purpose of eliminating red blood filaments.

980nm has many advantages: 1. Painless 2. Immediate effect 3. Complete removal in one treatment 4. No postoperative complications 5. Efficient and safe 6. High patient satisfaction. For the majority of people dealing with skin problems such as spider veins, the 980NM laser spider vein removal machine is undoubtedly an important innovative technology. Its emergence will provide people with better solutions to help them restore the health and beauty of their skin!


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