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What is ND YAG laser good for?

The ND YAG laser is the most commonly used device for tattoo removal. Adjustment of treatment parameters allows users to tailor treatments to an individual patient’s condition and skin type to maximize results and manage patient comfort and reduce potential side effects.

It uses the principle of selective photothermal action of laser and the principle of blasting action of Q-switched laser to aim a precise dose of energy of a specific wavelength at a specific structure – color base: exogenous pigment particles and endogenous sources in a very short time. Sexual melanocytes. After the pigment absorbs the laser, it is suddenly heated and explodes, and is broken into smaller particles. The broken fragment particles are engulfed by macrophages through metabolism and then enter the lymphatic circulation with the macrophages, so that the pigment is excreted from the body. The pigment gradually becomes lighter and eventually disappears after periodic treatments, thereby achieving the purpose of treatment. The principle of laser selective photothermal therapy is currently recognized as the best method for the non-invasive treatment of pigmented skin lesions.

ND YAG treatment range:

  1. Dermal pigments: Ota nevus, Ito nevus, Mongolian spots, brown-green nevus on cheekbones,
  2. Epidermal pigments: café-au-lait spots, freckles, seborrheic keratosis, sun spots, various pigmented nevus, post-inflammatory pigmentation, etc.
  3. Mixed spots: chloasma
  4. Exogenous pigments: tattoos, eyebrow tattoos, eyeliner tattoos, etc.
  5. Rejuvenate skin, shrink pores, fade acne marks, brighten and even skin tone, remove blackheads, and control oil.
  6. Stimulate collagen regeneration, delay aging, reduce fine lines, and tighten skin.

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