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What are the advantages of FRACTIONAL RF MICRONEEDLING?

Gold radio frequency microneedle is the combination of microneedle and radio frequency, gold two words from microneedle body of gold coating film, microneedle outer coating is also golden yellow. Treatment, therapists according to the treatment and adjust the depth of microneedle penetration and RF energy, and then under the control of the precision system, dozens of insulation microneedle quickly through the epidermis at the same time, from microneedle tip emission radio frequency energy, then quickly exit, so cycle, until the treatment, finally daub beauty ingredients, achieve the effect of curing.

Gold microneedles use microneedles to accurately energy on target tissues at different depths to stimulate and induce collagen reorganization and regeneration.

1.Mechanical stimulation of microneedle and micro-current thermal stimulation generated by radio frequency stimulate the self-repair system of the skin, promote metabolism, improve microcirculation, and start the regeneration and rearrangement of collagen; 2. The penetration of microneedle opens the fast absorption channel of the skin and enters the skin; 3. The RF energy emitted by microneedle tip can selectively destroy pilosebaceous glands and sweat glands, inhibit inflammation reaction and activate the anti-inflammatory repair system.

Gold microneedles have strong advantages:

1, RF energy 100% to the target tissue (needle insulation, only the needle tip releases RF energy); 2, no scab, no color precipitation (energy not through the epidermis, no thermal damage to the epidermis, to ensure no postoperative side effects); 3, one treatment, continuous efficacy (one treatment collagen has 30% increase, a treatment for more than 5 years); 4, provide personalized treatment plan (0.3-3mm penetration depth adjustable, 25 needles, 49 needles, 81 needles); 5, high accuracy (precision positioning treatment range, depth, strength and efficacy of microcomputer system)

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