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Principle of Treatment
The Youth management system uses 448kHz high-frequency energy to penetrate the body, promote the ionization of the body, and make the positive and negative charges of the cells move and rub against each other to generate internal heat. The heat source is inside the body, which is different from the conduction of heat on the body surface, which can promote the circulation of blood and lymph, enhance the metabolism of tissues, and improve the immune function.The high heat energy penetrates into the fat layer, fascia layer and even visceral fat in the deep part of the human body in a painless manner.Visceral adipocytes are decomposed and excreted by the liver metabolism. At the same time, it can heat the collagen in the deep layer of the dermis of the skin to make it tightly arranged to achieve the effect of cell rejuvenation.


The generated heat energy is conducted to 2-4cm under the skin, heating the collagen tissue of the dermis. When the thermal energy of the deep collagen tissue of the skin reaches 45°C-60°C, it will naturally produce immediate contraction, stimulate the secretion of more new collagen to fill the gaps of atrophied and lost collagen, and finally achieve firming skin, filling wrinkles, The effect of restoring skin elasticity and radiance.


Age Management
Using the advanced DEEP BEAUTY Proionic system with a medium and high frequency of 448kHz, it regulates the most appropriate frequency of ion activity inside and outside cells, balances the positive and negative charges of cells, enhances cell activity, and helps cells repair their natural functions. In addition, tissues with different degrees of damage have different biological effects, which can achieve cell activation and regeneration, and stimulate stem cell proliferation. Promote facial blood circulation, relieve eye fatigue, improve eye bags and dark circles, improve sagging around the eyes, improve facial sagging, improve uneven skin tone, improve large pores, improve double chin, shape V-shaped face…etc.

Body Management
research proves that when the current frequency is 448kHz, it can stimulate the proliferation of stem cells, inhibit fat deposition, balance the exchange of positive and negative ions in cells, accelerate the metabolism of fat cells, promote the natural discharge of glycerol and fatty acids, reduce the volume of fat cells, and create a physique that is not easy to fat, so as to achieve removal Cellulite, reduce the accumulation of subcutaneous and visceral fat, and shape a healthy body.


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