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Why do you need magnetic slim?

Thin magnetic force can help you solve the problem that you don’t have time to keep fit, so that you can enjoy good food and have a good body easily. Let’s take a closer look at slim magnetic force!



Muscle building: strengthen muscles, increase muscles, exercise local muscles, and shape the vest line, peach butt and mermaid line.

Shaping: tighten muscles, restore muscle toughness, and improve the sagging skin of abdominal wall, buttocks, handles, thighs and other parts.

Fat reduction: energy consumption, fat reduction, obesity prevention, slimming to create a young posture.

Build a young posture: Exercise strengthens core muscles, improves basic metabolism, strengthens metabolism, removes toxins and purifies skin.

Postpartum body repair: improve the increase of belly circumference and relaxation caused by postpartum rectus abdominis separation, and restore the girlish posture of postpartum mothers.


For people

People with loose muscles; people with loose body shape after giving birth or weight loss; office workers who have no time to do fitness; people who like food but are afraid of getting fat; beauty lovers who want to change their body and pursue more beautiful muscle lines; People who need to shape up



  1. For those with excessive fat, it is recommended to use it in combination with other fat-dissolving instruments.
  2. The healer should not carry any metal objects.
  3. If you are too full, you can do this treatment at least half an hour after a meal. It is forbidden to eat or drink during the operation, and try to eat after 1 hour after the operation.
  4. The treatment duration of a single therapist using the instrument in one day shall not exceed 1.5 hours, and one site shall not exceed 1 hour.
  5. After nursing, there may be soreness. Like after exercise, it is a normal reaction. The soreness will disappear automatically in 1-3 days.

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