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Why do you choose picoseconds?

Picosecond laser mainly treats moles on various parts of the body, removes tattoos, and also has the effect of whitening and rejuvenating skin. Compared with other products, picosecond laser significantly reduces the damage to the surrounding skin during treatment, and shortens the time after treatment. In addition, during the treatment of picosecond laser, the effect of a single treatment is more obvious, the number of treatments required for the entire course of treatment is reduced, and the treatment time is greatly shortened. Secondly, the process of picosecond laser treatment is very comfortable. During the process, almost no pain is felt, and it is the most comfortable machine among all laser products.

Within 24 hours after treatment, keep the wound clean and dry, keep moisturizing, avoid exposure to the sun, and strictly pay attention to sun protection. Do not scratch, rub, or scrub the treated area for about 7 to 10 days, let the scab fall off by itself, and do not force it. Let the crusts fall off, and finally try to eat less spicy food and excessive drinking and smoking.

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