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What is the meaning of IPL?

With modern people’s pursuit of beauty, more and more people are looking for efficient, safe, and painless beauty methods. Recently, the newly launched IPL laser beauty instrument has become the focus of the industry with its excellent performance and excellent results. Today we explore the charm of this revolutionary beauty device together! Intense pulsed light (IPL/SHR/OPT/DPL, abbreviated as intense light, also known as photon) is a polychromatic pulse light source released by a high-energy xenon flash lamp under the action of tens of thousands of volts. Intense pulsed light is composed of incoherence and inconsistency. It consists of parallel broad-spectrum light with a wavelength of usually 400~1200nm, so it is not a laser in the strict sense. IPL is one of the most widely used light therapy technologies in clinical practice and occupies a very important position in the field of skin beauty. IPL is currently It is widely used in the treatment of various disfiguring skin diseases, especially those related to photodamage and photoaging.

IPL has a variety of therapeutic effects: it can remove hair of various colors in all parts of the body; it can treat diseases related to changes in the dermal collagen tissue structure, including wrinkles, enlarged pores, rough skin, scars, acne marks, etc.; it can treat pigmented skin. Treatment of diseases, including freckles, chloasma, sun spots, age spots, freckle-like nevus, etc.; treatment of vascular skin diseases, including telangiectasia, rosacea, port wine stain, hemangiomas, etc.; IPL has the ability to kill It can kill/inhibit acne bacteria, reduce inflammation, fade spots, prevent and improve scars, etc.

IPL has a large light spot, 10Hz SHR high frequency treatment; sapphire contact cooling, patented cooling system is safe and does not damage the skin; High energy density output, energy can reach deep hair follicles and be effectively absorbed without damaging the epidermis. It is also suitable for all types of skin and hair treatment. The stamping and sliding mode selection is convenient and practical, and you can choose the appropriate treatment mode according to different parts. Painless, efficient and smart, IPL is leading the innovation in the beauty industry. It not only brings excellent beauty effects to users, but also provides users with convenient and independent beauty solutions, allowing you to have enviable skin anytime and anywhere.

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