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What is the cause of vascular?

There are many reasons for the formation of vascular, which can be divided into primary and secondary according to the reasons. Most of the primary patients are congenital, that is, someone in their parents or family once suffered from this disease. Secondary is divided into the following factors.

  1. Regional factors: such as plateau climate stimulation, and high altitude, skin hypoxia, resulting in an increase in the number of red blood cells, causing telangiectasia and rupture.
  2. Physical factors: cold stimulation, dry air, windy and sandy climate, and sun exposure make the capillary tolerance exceed the normal range, causing telangiectasia and rupture.
  3. Personal habit factors: such as liking spicy food, smoking and drinking, etc. are also closely related to the onset of telangiectasia.
  4. Ultraviolet radiation: Strong ultraviolet radiation damages the stratum corneum, causing telangiectasia to be poor, and causing red blood.
  5. Improper skin care: the cuticle has been polished, causing damage to the cuticle and causing vascular; use some cosmetics containing heavy metals and other toxins to leave the epidermis, causing sensitive reactions, destroying the cuticle, and causing vascular; local long-term use of the cortex Hormone-like drugs cause telangiectasia, leading to thinning and atrophy of the skin.After understanding what vascular are and the causes of vascular, the next issue will reveal the treatment principles of vascular!

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