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What is spider veins?

Red bloodshot skin is generally sensitive skin. In the initial stage of skin sensitivity, the face is red, itchy, and swollen, and strips of red blood can be clearly seen on the outside of the skin.

The total weight of human skin accounts for about 5%-15% of human body weight. The more serious the pollution, the larger the exposed skin area and the longer the time, the greater the damage. Human skin has four functions of barrier, regulation, self-stabilization and metabolism. The most critical biomolecules in the skin are collagen and elastic fibers, which are the key to healthy, elastic and vigorous skin. Skin blood vessels have two major functions of regulation and nutrition. The contraction of blood vessels and blood oxygen saturation can affect the color of the skin. The skin becomes pale when the blood vessels constrict, and the skin turns red when the blood vessels dilate. The blood flow slows down and the skin turns purple.

The thickness of the epidermis is about 0.1MM, mainly composed of two types of cells, keratinocytes and dendritic cells, and keratinocytes account for more than 80% of epidermal cells. In the process of differentiation, keratin is produced, and the proliferation of keratinocytes has a certain regularity. About 10% of the cells undergo nuclear division activities every day, and they gradually move upward in an orderly manner. It takes about 14 hours to migrate from the basal layer to the uppermost layer of the granular layer. It takes another 14 days to move to the surface of the stratum corneum and fall off, a total of about 28 days. If the quality of skin care products is poor, the damaged skin will be damaged again, and the skin will be exposed to wind, sun, radiation, capillary hypoxia, dehydration and active enzymes, and the capillary wall cells will lose their vitality, causing blood coagulation. Capillary blockage, dilation and rupture, manifested in the face in the form of points, reticular, dendritic, red or purple, which is what we call red blood filaments.

After understanding what spiders veins are, the next issue will reveal the causes of spider veins!

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