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Some frequent questions about hair removal

Hair problem is bothering many people today, and it is solved in various ways. At present, the mainstream hair removal methods mainly include shaving, beeswax hair removal, and chemical hair removal. Most of these hair removal methods are ineffective and painful. Or it has very large side effects. Therefore, the method of laser hair removal has been paid more and more attention. Many people have questions about the new method of hair removal. The following are some frequently asked topics.

  1. How many times to remove hair and how long is the interval?

There are three stages in the hair growth cycle, the growth phase, the regression phase, and the dormant phase. Only the hair in the growth phase can be effectively removed. The three growth cycles of the hair are alternately converted, and the cycles of each part of the body are different. A large number of clinical studies, when the hair removal interval is 30 days, the hair removal rate is the highest, and it takes 4-6 cycles to completely remove.

  1. The thicker the hair, the more hair removal needs to be done?

The times of treatments does not based on the amount of hair. According to the hair growth cycle, hair removal treatments can be permanently removed after 4 to 6 treatments.

  1. What season is more suitable for hair removal?

Hair removal has no wounds, no recovery period, and can be treated at any time. Theoritically,  it is not seasonal, but hair removal requires multiple treatments and it is recommended to treat as soon as possible, so that you can wear summer clothes to your heart’s content in summer and show your own beauty.

  1. Will there be any reaction after hair removal?

Generally, after receiving treatment, there may be some slight redness, this reaction will subside after a few hours, and it will not cause skin damage, and will not affect working and normal activities.

  1. Will hair removal affect sweating?

Hair follicles and sweat glands are two separate structures. Hair grows from the hair follicle, which sweat glands are next to.

  1. Why didn’t the hair removal work immediately?

Hair removal is aimed at the melanin in the hair follicle, destroying the melanin, so that less and less hair grows later, and the color becomes lighter and lighter.

  1. How to care after hair removal?

After hair removal, there will be slight redness and swelling on the hair removal site, and if the skin is sensitive, it will feel hot and itchy.  Wash with warm water.

808nm semiconductor laser hair removal is the most advanced hair removal method on the market at present, with low pain during treatment, optimal absorption rate and penetration depth, good hair removal effect, low side effects.

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