Say goodbye to hair growth!

Human hair evolves from the ectoderm of the embryo and originates from the primitive epithelial germ, which later grows and differentiates to form the fetal hair. In the fetus 4 months of age fetal hair first appeared in the hair and face, and then spread all over the body in the late pregnancy.Therefore, after birth, no new hair follicles will be formed.

808nm hair removal machine is the most advanced and effective hair removal machine in the market. By adjusting the laser wave and pulse width, the laser can penetrate the skin surface and reach the hair follicle, then the light energy will be adsorbed and converted into heat energy, thus destroying the hair follicle.

Thus, the laser will make the hair lose its ability to regenerate without destroying the surrounding tissue cells, so 808nm laser hair removal machine is a painless technology that can remove all kinds of body hair safely and quickly for a long time.