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Laser hair removal tips to solve your confusion!
  1. Is laser hair removal safe?

Laser hair removal is a safe hair removal method, which is highly professional and requires certain level of instruments and operators. Proper operation generally won’t harm the skin itself.


  1. Is one hair removal effective?

The answer is definitely no. Hair growth is periodic, which can be divided into growth period, regression period and rest period, and the three periods are repeated. Hair removal is aimed at the hair in the growing period. Because each part of the body has a slightly different hair cycle, the cycle alternation takes 1-6 months, and the metabolic cycle of the skin takes 28 days, so hair removal needs to be done 4-6 times and once every 30 days.



  1. Can the effect of permanent hair removal really be achieved?

The basic therapeutic principle of diode laser hair removal is selective photothermal decomposition. The outer hair root sheath in hair follicles is rich in melanosomes, which can selectively absorb the energy of laser. 808nm laser can be easily absorbed by colored hair follicles without damaging epidermal tissues. The energy emitted by light is absorbed by hair and pigment in hair follicles, and then it is converted into heat, which increases the temperature of hair follicles. When the temperature rises to a certain positive degree, it will cause irreversible damage to hair follicles, so it is theoretically possible to achieve permanent hair removal.


  1. Does hair removal affect perspiration?

It has no effect on hair removal and perspiration. Sweating mainly depends on sweat glands. Even if it is body odor, it’s just sweat glands, which have nothing to do with hair follicles. Laser hair removal only has effect on hair follicles with melanin, and it doesn’t affect sweat glands, metabolism and perspiration.



  1. Is the hair removal effect the same for everyone and all parts?

The answer is definitely different. As mentioned above, hair removal is related to hair cycle. The number of hair removal depends on different parts, hair color and thickness, and skin type. Usually, the whiter the skin color, the darker and thicker the hair, and the better the hair removal effect.


  1. Can I take a bath after laser hair removal?

Theoretically, it is possible, but be careful not to wash with overheated water, or soak in hot springs or sauna. However, it is still recommended that you should do nothing that day. The skin that has just been depilated is sensitive, which will lead to melanin precipitation, red rash and the like to a certain extent, so it is best to do nothing on that day and simply rinse it after 24 hours. Don’t use alkaline toiletries.

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