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Is Laser Hair Removal Reliable?

Too much sweat hair sometimes affects the appearance of an individual, most body hair on the body is not very useful, so we can remove them. At present, the mainstream hair removal method in the market is laser hair removal, some people do not know much about laser hair removal, so they often worry about the safety and comfort of laser hair removal. Then we will introduce the principle and effect of laser hair removal and safety.
1. the principle of laser hair removal
Generally, laser hair removal is based on the principle of selective thermokinetics, and the latest laser technology is used to remove hair. The emitted laser beam will pass through the surface layer of the skin, reach the hair follicle, and finally be absorbed by the hair follicle. By absorbing the light energy of laser, the hair follicle will be converted into heat energy, so that the hair follicle will be damaged and no hair can grow. At the same time, melanin can easily absorb the energy of laser, so it will not cause damage to the surrounding skin.

2. the effect of laser hair removal
According to the individual’s specific situation, it is necessary to decide how many times the hair needs to be treated. Hair growth is generally divided into growth period, retrogression period and rest period, and three cycles circulate back and forth. However, laser hair removal is only effective for the hair in growth period, but has no effect on the hair in retrogression period and rest period. Generally, the hair in growth period accounts for about one third or one fifth. Therefore, laser hair removal generally requires continuous treatment for about five times, so it can achieve permanent hair removal.


3.the safety of laser hair removal
In the 1960s, it was found that ruby laser could destroy hair follicles, but it was not used clinically. In the 1980s, ruby laser was used to treat pigmented nevus and hair shedding was found at the same time, but at that time it caused serious damage to epidermis. In the 1990s, ruby laser and NDYAG laser were successively used in the field of hair removal, but the parameter design was still not ideal. Then diode laser hair removal instrument began to be used in the field of hair removal. This technology is basically mature, and has achieved remarkable depilation effect. This technology has a very high safety index and a very low risk coefficient. When depilating, there is basically no pain. The laser penetrates through the epidermis and is directly absorbed by the hair follicles, so there will be no damage to the epidermis and no scars left. After depilation, no special care is needed, and normal daily activities can be maintained. Therefore, diode laser depilation is a technology with very high safety and very convenient depilation operation at present.

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