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Effective protective measures against facial aging.

Generally, women start from the age of 25, men start from the age of 32 , and gradually become obvious with the increase of age, which shows that the skin becomes thinner, dry, dull, less elastic, more wrinkles, and more spots. After 40 yuan, the eyelid skin relaxes and aggravates, the nasolabial groove deepens, and the brow forehead wrinkles worsen. When 50 years old, the facial skin sags and droops. After 60 years old, the skin sags and wrinkles in all parts become more obvious. Therefore,  skin aging is a common problem for everyone.

Gold RF microneedles can effectively solve the above problems. Compared with other devices, gold RF microneedles have higher advantages:

  1. 100% rf energy reaches the target tissue.
  2. No scabs after surgery
  3. Sustained efficacy of one treatment
  4. Provide personalized solutions
  5. High accuracy

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After the treatment, there will be no strong side effects and no restriction of most activities, only the following points should be noted after the treatment:

  1. Carefully apply skin repair factors, moisturizing + regenerating cream
  2. Pay attention to sun protection
  3. Drink more water and get more sleep to promote skin regeneration
  4. Avoid excessive smoking and drinking
  5. Avoid going sauna ,swimming in hot spring and strenuous exercising
  6. The floating keratin layer will fall off naturally, do not use your hands to snap off
  7. Some customers have whiteheads after treatment, but they will disappear after a few days.
  8. After treatment, there is a burning sensation, swelling and other phenomena lasting about 1-3 days, ice compresses can relieve the symptoms

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