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Acne and scars

Acne, breakouts, pimples, etc. can all be very frustrating and disturbing, especially if you have to deal with these skin problems for a long time.

Let’s look at why?


We all deal with little or some stress in our lives, and this is normal because it helps us know how to deal with the more challenging stress that may come our way someday in the future. However, prolonged exposure to high stress can lead to many skin problems, including breakouts and pimples. During times of stress, hormone levels increase, which also stimulates the adrenal glands, both of which in turn stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum. This sebum is too much for pores because it is an overproduction. Not only does this cause the pores to become blocked, but it can also become inflamed and red.


A healthy diet produces healthy skin cells. Sugar, dairy, etc. can cause skin inflammation and may exacerbate the condition.

Lack of sleep

A disrupted sleep cycle slows down the body’s ability to heal and repair. When your skin is inflamed, we need to make sure that the skin has more capacity to repair and heal during this time. Getting a good 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night is essential for the body to repair and heal and for us to better manage stress.

Excessive exfoliation

Often, many people with problematic skin or acne use and use exfoliating products for a long time. This then strips the skin’s natural oils and destroys the skin’s microbiome, and once that happens, your breakouts and pimples grow as a result – sebum is now constantly trying to replace and replenish the oils that have been stripped and So it goes into overdrive and produces too much wrong sebum to overcompensate for the sebum that is being carried away.

Top tips for dealing with acne-prone skin:

Do not use skin care products that contain alcohol.

Try not to pick, squeeze and touch as you are spreading germs and causing more outbreaks with this infectious fluid.

Pay attention to cleaning morning and night.

Avoid large amounts of sugar and dairy products.

Always remove makeup first (never use wipes) and then use face wash.

Get a facial for some valuable skin education and licensing.

Salon Care:

LED – For acne, pimples, dull skin and other skin problems.

Hydrofacial – For skin cleansing, skin firming, rejuvenation and other skin concerns.

Rf microneedling – For skin problems like acne marks, scars, blemishes and fine lines.

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