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Infrared RF Vacuum Rolling Slimming

Renew your confidence with V shape
  • Face and Submenta

    Skin rejuvenation & skin
    tightening (Laxity, wrinkles, fine
    Face & neck contouring (submental shaping)
    Skin resurfacing

  • Arms (bingo wings) & Back

    Circumferential reduction
    Skin tightening (Laxity)
    Stretch marks

  • Stomach (abdomen & love handles)

    Circumferential reduction
    Body contouring
    Skin tightening (Laxity)
    Stretch marks (red and white)

  • Legs (thighs & buttocks)

    Circumferential reduction
    Cellulitis treatment
    Body contouring
    Skin tightening

Combines five different technolgies

The V-shape combines five different technologies including IR(Infrared laser), Bi-polar RF, massage roller, vacuum and ultrasound cavitation. The combination of IR, vacuum and RF cause deep heating of the fat cells, their surrounding connective tissue and the underlying dermal collagen fibers. This type of efficient heating and vacuum stimulates the growth of new and better collagen and elastin which results in localized reduction in skin laxity, body volume, and an overall improvement in skin structure and texture. The massage roller causes an immediate increase in circulation and lymphatic drainage, both essential components for healthy skin structure.

① Infrared laser directly heats the targeted area

② A vacuum elevates the target tissue, bring it closer to the energy scure

③ Bi-polar RF heat from epidermis to subcutaneous at 15mmdepth, can deliver thermal energy continu ously to adipose tissue and dermal collagen fibers.

④ Roller massage accelerates blood cycle and lymphatic drainage.

30 seconds of treatment can increase the temperature of the treatment area to 43.5°C

Infrared Vacuum Roller RF Handle (big)

Used for cellulite removal   40mmx66mm   

skin tightening on the abdomen, buttocks, waist, thighs and back.

  • 16mmx25mm

  • 9mmx13mm

  • 4.5mmx9mm

Facial Vacuum RF Handle

Equipped with three different sizes of treatment heads, used for facial and neck skin tightening and lifting, eye wrinkles removal, eye bags and dark circles treatment.

Clean And Hygienic

Combined vacuum and ultrasound, for local fat reduction in the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and other areas.

Average reduction of abdomen width

Based on numerous clinical medical treatment statistics, it shows 4-6 cm waist width reduction after one cycle of treatment,and this reduction keeps going on for 2-3 future months.

Before and After

  • Japan SMC Solenoid Valve

    High speed, long life, no noise

  • Korea DKC Motor

    Stable output, long life

  • Italy Imported Air Pump

    Large flow, low noise

  • America Coherent IR Laser Diode

    High power, long life


  • Power of RF
  • Frequency of RF
  • Infrared laser Power
  • Infrared laser wavelength
  • Ultrasound power
  • Vacuum Indensity
  • Dimensions
    470*500* 1330mm
  • Weight

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