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Always have to add endless classes or chasing endless drama, every day late at night has become the status of most of the sister, but often stay up all night your skin may be issued some warning, inattentive appeared acne, dry peeling, looking dark Shen problem, this is the skin in protest as you do, if you do not care, aging may come to the door.

Whether you are working overtime or stay up all night stay up late, did not sleep well, the whole person will become ugly a lot, so stay up late in addition to make up after sleep, but also strive to do maintenance.

Good sunscreen

Many people think that one day in the office or house do not go out do not need sunscreen, in fact, fluorescent light and computer screen light may also harm the skin, and if you are sitting next to the window, through the UVA glass, not only skin Black, but also cause skin aging, so no matter when to do sunscreen.

Clear skin

Lack of sleep and endocrine disorders may cause excessive accumulation of keratinocytes, not only will block the pores, while the skin will become waxy yellow, but also affect the skin absorption capacity. Therefore, before using the product to enhance the absorption of Caixing, at the appropriate time to remove the horny, you can do a deep cleansing mask, to re-cuticle metabolism, enhance the absorption.

Night “tonic”

Stay up late to work overtime leading to sleep instability, endocrine disorders, stimulate the sebaceous gland secretion, the next day skin edema, his face dull. Rubbed on the bed before the senior can repair lotion or lotion, you can achieve tonic effect, the next day the skin will not stay up late and issued a serious alarm, plus massage, heat and other steps can help eliminate fatigue and edema, can reduce the dark The emergence of Shen muscle.

Morning tap + massage

Because of lack of sleep lead to poor blood circulation, there will be dark circles, edema, etc. there. So that can be caused by the first hot weeks, and then with eye cream massage eye, can reduce the dark circles of the injury. Gently press the eye with the pulp head, along the eye extends to the temple, can reduce eye edema, promote blood circulation, improve dark circles.

To face moisturizing, the use of finger pulp, not only can promote blood circulation, but also drainage, eliminate facial edema.

TIPS1: massage or tapping need to combine skin care products, not in the case of dry skin, do massage, there may be added to the skin fine lines.

TIPS2: warm hands before massage, massage will feel more comfortable. 2 minutes before the massage done so that the pores can open, will help enhance the absorption.

Learn to stay up late even if these can also reduce the damage to the skin. However, i still recommand to pay attention to their own work and rest, reduce staying up late to fundamentally solve the problem.


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